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May 18, 2023

Mobile Technology at Work Amidst Wildflowers in Fairview, Texas

Mobile Technology at Work Amidst Wildflowers in Fairview, Texas

The Town of Fairview's Coyote Meadow Park is sporting some new amenities this spring without compromising the natural environment. The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board organized a wildflower seed spreading workday last December, and the board hopes the resulting flowers are coming soon. Adding to this tableau is new technology to ramp up the experience, so get your mobile devices ready!

Dallas-based PlantTAGG recently “PlantTAGG-enabled” Coyote Meadow, located at 567 N. Meandering Way, with three signs that help visitors learn about our native wildflowers and plants. PlantTAGG is at the forefront of bringing data science and artificial intelligence to our fingertips to help people immerse with nature. Fairview is one of the first towns to embrace use of PlantTAGG’S mobile technology to help our community enjoy the wonders of nature.

PlantTAGG is built upon data from leading horticulture research institutions, certified Master Gardeners and data scientists. It includes information on more than 7,500 plants in a virtual library. The experience at Coyote Meadow allows users to identify plants using their phone cameras, add to ‘Favorites,’ learn about each plant and even determine how well it may grow in their own yards. 

PlantTAGG is free to use. The full version of PlantTAGG, downloadable as a mobile app from both the Apple and Google stores, allows users to select a micro-climate (called a Zone in the app) and add plants from their own yards.  As plants are added, PlantTAGG will warn the user if the conditions of the Zone aren’t well suited for the plant and allows users to define how they will fertilize.

Plant selection through careful planning is the first step in gardening success. The heart of PlantTAGG is its unique ability to deliver hyper-local plant care information based precisely on where a gardener lives. The system is connected to over 10,000 NOAA weather stations in the U.S. to create a unique season map for each plant in a yard.

To learn more about PlantTAGG, visit PlantTAGG.com.