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Dec. 31, 2019

7 - Paul Hendricks Veteran's Center of North Texas

7 - Paul Hendricks Veteran's Center of North Texas

Getting Neighborly -- Town of Fairview

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Getting Neighborly Podcast Episode 7

Paul Hendricks: Veterans Center of North Texas 

Meet Fairview, Texas resident Paul Hendricks, featured guest of “Getting Neighborly” Episode 7. Paul is the founder and president of the Veterans Center of North Texas, an all-volunteer nonprofit organization that helps more than 1,000 veterans a year locate the benefits and services they and their families need to be successful and productive members of their community. A Vietnam veteran who flew B-52s in the war and retired from the U.S. Air Force after 20 years of service, Paul went on to spend the next 21 years working for Rockwell International and Boeing, retiring from the defense industry in 2011. Since the Hendricks family made Fairview their home in 2003, Paul’s community leadership roles have included: local and state government initiatives; church, Rotary International and Chamber of Commerce involvement; and service on the Fairview Planning and Zoning Commission and Town Council.


Our goal is to lift up veterans, help them and their families be successful in our community. Our objective is to ensure that tomorrow is brighter and more stable for them.” 



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