Fairview, Texas Where Community Meets Opportunity
Dec. 31, 2019

4- Mayor Henry Lessner

4- Mayor Henry Lessner

Getting Neighborly - Town of Fairview

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Henry Lessner: Mayor of Fairview, Texas

In Episode 4 of “Getting Neighborly,” you’ll get to know Mayor Henry Lessner, a 30-year resident of Fairview, Texas, who has served his community as a Town Council member and mayor pro tem as well as through his work with his church, local schools, Allen Community Outreach, the Allen Philharmonic Orchestra & Symphony Chorus and the Allen Fairview Chamber of Commerce, among other organizations.

Mayor Lessner’s years of community involvement have prepared him to speak to residents and groups about Fairview’s strategically planned growth and outstanding quality of life. He is also a certified financial planner with Wealth Management Group LLC.

“I’m lucky; I get to follow through on great thinking that was done 15, 20 years ago … I’ve tried to be very open and transparent about what we’re trying to do and why we’re trying to do it.”