Fairview, Texas Where Community Meets Opportunity
Dec. 17, 2019

3 - Alicia Bush Treasured Vessels

3 - Alicia Bush Treasured Vessels

Getting Neighborly -- Town of Fairview

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Alicia Bush: Founder & CEO, Treasured Vessels Foundation

The third episode of “Getting Neighborly” features Fairview resident Alicia Bush, founder and CEO of the Treasured Vessels Foundation, a residential community in North Texas that opened its doors in January 2020 to provide a long-term safe place and therapeutic aftercare program for survivors of domestic sex trafficking.

Alicia is the author of “Tenacious: Wave Maker to World Changer,” now available on Amazon. She and her family are also international missionaries who have a goal of selling all of their belongings and sailing around the world in a catamaran.

Her exemplary service to others has been recognized with the Allen Fairview Chamber’s 2019 Spirit of Fairview Award.

“I thought, what’s my purpose? What was I born to do? I woke up on November 7, 2015 and I clearly heard in my spirit that I was to build an aftercare facility for girls rescued from sex trafficking.”