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July 12, 2022

Native Texas Butterfly House and Garden

Native Texas Butterfly House and Garden

The Native Texas Butterfly House and Garden is being held June 4 through October 2, 2022, during the Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary's regular operating hours. Visitors will have the opportunity to walk among free-flying native butterflies and other pollinators. Guests can also view butterflies up close while learning about their life stages and more.

The butterfly house is regularly stocked with an assortment of native butterfly species, which varies throughout the exhibit. Guests may even get to see a butterfly emerge from a chrysalis. Nectar plants are also available inside the butterfly house to feed the adult butterflies. There are even a few host plants for caterpillars to feed on ("host plants").

The butterfly garden, too, is filled with nectar plants and host plants that naturally attract these lovely creatures. Guests may even find a few ideas to try in home gardens, which can, in turn, help pollinators on a broader scale. From time to time, other species of wildlife that feed on insects or nectar plants may also be found in the butterfly garden, including hummingbirds. This area is also an ideal setting for nature photography. NBC5 sponsors the Native Texas Butterfly House and Garden.

The Native Texas Butterfly House and Garden's ticket price is included in general admission. Additional information available at www.heardmuseum.org/butterflies